Healing is accomplished using various means. Of course, diet & exercise are the best way to heal most conditions! However, we at Peaceful Winds do various things to allow the body to heal itself with just a little help!

We are INTUITIVE healers and hence will know where to go intuitively and can then tell the client where the energy blocks are. This works for people or ANIMALS! We can explain where the issues are and either unblock them to heal themselves or tell the person where to tell the doctor or vet to look if not. Babies & pets are not able to communicate this so it is very helpful to know this information. Please keep in mind we can not legally diagnose any condition, only point out what is blocked and where.


Reiki, Healing Touch, Qi Gong, and other energy healing modalities such as that are used along with diet suggestions, exercises and/or stretches to be done at home.


Energy healing is done fully clothed, except for shoes & hats, and performed either on a massage table or in a chair, according to the needs or wants of the client. It takes approximately 1 hour and during that time the practitioner will hold hands statically over the head & feet and/or various other body parts as needed. Note that we will NEVER place our hands on any part of the body typically covered by underwear. Many people feel the energy as it courses through the body although some do not. The energy goes where it is needed & can typically be compared to cleaning out water pipes that are corroded or blocked. As it slowly unblocks inflamed areas, fresh blood, lymphatic fluids, oxygen, etc. rush in & start the healing process.

Reflexology may also be performed on the feet as needed or requested.

We may also suggest various herbs or oils that may help health progress more rapidly.


Diet means a change in lifestyle – not the latest fad diets or diet products but one that you can live with from now on. Little changes can often lead to huge results in end. We do not sale ANY food or vitamin products so our suggestions are based on the best long-term research we have found. We can also guide you in Ayurvedic practices if you desire, although this is not our primary advocated lifestyle change. We also do not solely suggest vegan or vegetarian although we strongly support either! We believe in starting where you are currently at and moving you slowly into a lifetime of health.

IMG_4213Please consider no beef option if possible!

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